Our Team

Our forever growing team is made up from a close network of friendships with the same passion and goals.
We all have our own unique talents and together we make one awesome team. We also have a number or regular event staff who swing it action when we need them.



our mission

The cruise-scene has always been a divide even back in the early days with those who want to conform and those that don't, back in the early 2000s we decided it necessary to kerb our association with Illegal meets and gatherings not only from a Safety side of things but as promoters we stood to face legal consequences if we continued along those routes.

After several events unfolding during these times at illegal cruises/gathering and street racing, several good friends lost in the environment at the time we called our playground we turned our heads to organising properly sanctioned legal car cruise events working alongside the authorities.

A cruise partnership was formed which built us high respect within our community for being one of the Uks leading car cruise community and at the time one of the only dedicated clubs specialising in 100% Legal and sanctioned events. To this day our ethos has remained the same, to fulfil the dreams aspirations and love for the cruise scene whilst keeping all involved safe 


our story

Originating back in early 1999 formerly known as we operated as the UK's first online and largest modified car network, working alongside some big names back in the day such as Maxpower, Ministry Of Sound and Vibe Audio we operated within the scene until late 2006 where we wound the club down due to changes within the community and the oldskool Team settling down with their families! A few years later and some revisions and we relaunched as Festival Of Fuel, running under our oldskool morals and mission to create safer environments for all that share the same enthusiasm and passion as ourselves.

Festival Of Fuel is a carefully thought out idea designed to promote the safety and realisation within vehicle enthusiast networks. Providing Safe Sanctioned Legal Events,Meets and Cruises working within correct parameters to ensure the safety of all involved. Over the years many lovers and fans of the modified car scene have been innocently taken or hurt in accidents within a scene that is a loved hobby, passion and extreme thrill. It is our mission to prevent these accidents from claiming any more victims. A fatal accident which took the life of a beloved friend triggered action and led us to create a platform for safer meets and events within our communities.

Why can't a love of a thrill and hobby be safer within our hands ? 

As a community, we have to work together to save the genuine enthusiasts and shake the tag of dangerous car owners. Yes, the thrill of speed and high power is exciting but carefully sanctioned controlled legal events can still reward this. As a community, we can urge, support and arrange the organisation of safe cruises, meets and shows. We operate a zero tolerance policy to dangerous drivers within our communities  Keep safe, keep cruising and keep supporting